About Us

We are very excited to share the wonderful world of Hemp CBD. Hemp is one of the oldest crops and it has over 20,000 uses: paper, rope, textiles, biodegradable plastics, fuel, fiber, nutrition and cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD. Our website will progressively add a variety of products made with hemp for your everyday life.

We carefully select high quality brands made in USA, that comply with regulations and follow best practices. As a token of gratitude to Mother Nature, we embarked this journey to share the benefits of hemp and hemp cannabidiol. Follow us in CBD4UALL.

Our Story

One of our founders woke up one morning with a severe pain in the back, shoulders and neck and could barely walk. Breathing and swallowing would pour tears down the neck from the excruciating pain. The prescribed strong medicines alleviated some of the pain but side effects did not help.

At that time, Hemp CBD became a more clear, legal and regulated industry. We researched from reliable medical publications and on-line sources such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institute of Health (NIH), scientists and its collaborating partners to name a few, and this led to an easy decision to give it a try with Hemp CBD. What if it works?

Yes, it did and continues to work. As some scientists and studies show, “Hemp CBD has enormous potential”. Stay tuned to CBD4UALL for practical, safe, natural alternatives for you all.

Meet Our Team

Who Are We?


Lourdes Perea Couto

Young mindset brand marketeer and business developer.

After progressively making changes to her nutrition and lifestyle, became passionate about Hemp CBD’s strong history, and powerful natural benefits.


Luis Chao

A visionary successful business man with over 40 years in the insurance industry, ready to develop a brand with highly sustainable crop.

Quality is what matters most

At CBD4UALL, we carefully select brands that are manufactured with the highest quality standards, sourced from US farmland and comply with guidelines and regulations. More importantly, we are proud to build a business around living a better life.

1) Hemp derived CBD made in USA.

2) Third party lab testing provides transparency, purity and truth about its ingredients.

3) Federal, state and industry guidelines and regulations compliant.


Our Brands

Hemp Symmetry was born to reintroduce hemp into the United States and the world after three friends were diagnosed with cancer. When researched, decided to pay homage to founding farmers and fathers of Hemp. Their extraction is the same as hundreds of years ago, without any additives, chemicals or preservatives.


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